• Arthur Downing

    Arthur Downing

    Half Brother of King Drafus.
  • Bailish Redfinger

    Bailish Redfinger

    Blood Shield Warlord, leader of the blood shield army in Caelon
  • Captain Kevin Rockwell

    Captain Kevin Rockwell

    Shoemaker and officer of the Kernow armed forces.
  • Charles Ussus

    Charles Ussus

    Eccentric, self proclaimed Freedom Fighter
  • Daklin Forbes

    Daklin Forbes

    Leader of Charles Ussus's band of rangers
  • Ezekiel (deceased)

    Ezekiel (deceased)

    Standing at about 5' 10'' and coming in at 160lbs is Ezekiel Brunner Marshal-Cleric of the party. (Marshal3/Cleric2)
  • High-Baron Boros

    High-Baron Boros

    The Late High-Baron of the Caliban Council of Twelve. Was ruthless and bold and did what was required to further his cause.
  • Ingram Magnus

    Ingram Magnus

    Cheif Chancellor of Caelon (the guy who gave you guys the letter way back)
  • Isaac Turtle

    Isaac Turtle

    Citizen of Caelon, fought against the Kernow forces occupying his town.
  • James Castle

    James Castle

    Scribe and Medic, only with party cause they demanded another healer from the King.
  • King Philip (deceased)

    King Philip (deceased)

    Late King of Caliban
  • King Richard Drafus

    King Richard Drafus

    Fun, chivalric, portly, moderately insane King of Caliban
  • Marcus Teft

    Marcus Teft

    Brave and boisterous Champion of Dummonia
  • Mathias Thule

    Mathias Thule

    "Justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere" - 5th Canticle of Martellus Luther of the King
  • Roman


    Loyal and brave companion of the party. Trained and registered surgeon. (sometimes a player character)
  • Sir. Sean

    Sir. Sean

    An Earl of Dummonia. Castle was sacked and destroyed by a land hungry Duke. During destruction of his castle, a rogue, a barbarian and a shadow warrior were set loose onto the world.
  • Sir. Shawn

    Sir. Shawn

    Distant cousin of the Champion of Dummonia. (deceased)
  • Sir. Simon

    Sir. Simon

    Right Hand of William Lawford. Killer of Ezekiel. (deceased)
  • Sir. William Lawford

    Sir. William Lawford

    The arrogant, quick tempered, champion of the Kingdom of Caliban
  • Vanessa Chandelerio

    Vanessa Chandelerio

    Former soldier of the South Wall. Sole survivor of its fall.