Ezekiel (deceased)

Standing at about 5' 10'' and coming in at 160lbs is Ezekiel Brunner Marshal-Cleric of the party. (Marshal3/Cleric2)


Orphaned at a young age, Ezekiel was raised by the monks on the Holy Isle of Thee. There he learned the martial skills, and tactical prowess required to lead soldiers. However his agnostic stance continually had him passed over for promotions in place of less worthy but more pious individuals, thus as a result he smuggled himself aboard an outgoing ship and began living the life of a mercenary. For many long years Ezekiel served in many different mercenary bands, and sometimes even had command of his own little platoon.

He meets the party during his tenure of service with the silver swans. Journeying with them through many fierce battles, his many near death experiences eventually drove him to rediscover his faith, especially that of the Order of St. Nathan, which he attempted to join. Sadly he bravely gave his life, sacrificing himself to save Krieg in the battle to save Peaches,their stalwart bard.

Ezekiel (deceased)

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