High-Baron Boros

The Late High-Baron of the Caliban Council of Twelve. Was ruthless and bold and did what was required to further his cause.


Boros was a 51 year old man, with black hair streaked with silver, and well trimmed beard. Boros was a big man standing near 6’4’’ tall. He currently however is a rotting corpse.


Boros was born to the high-nobility of Caliban. His father was brother of the late King Dean, and as a result Boros had close ties with the Caliban court. Boros’s father died when Boros was 30, and Boros took his place as High-Baron of Caliban and sat on the council of 12. Boros was quick witted and ruthless, and through clever maneuvering made himself the 2nd most powerful man in the realm, behind only King Philip. Many suspect Boros had to do with the death of King Philips young son, thinking that Boros assumed he was the likely candidate to succeed the throne in the event Philip spawned no heirs. After Philip’s death, Boros was quick to strong arm the council to support him, but Sir. Drafus, a bastard of Philip, was able to secure the support of some barons. Despite Drafus’s rising support, Boros was still likely to become king, however 2 days before the council of 12 would vote on a new king, Boros was assassinated while attending mass. His killers were never identified.

High-Baron Boros

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