Ingram Magnus

Cheif Chancellor of Caelon (the guy who gave you guys the letter way back)


An elderly well tempered man. Ingram was perhaps once a big man, but the years have left him relatively shriveled. Despite this Ingram Magnus can still carry a sword. He is 72.


Ingram is the Cheif Chancellor of Caelon, and 2nd in power only to the king. Ingram had once held the office of marshal, but gave up that office when he felt he was to old to continue campaigning. Ingram played a vital role in the defense of Caelon, but ultimately failed. For a brief time (during the final seige of the capital) Ingram was not only Cheif Chancellor of Caelon, but also acting marshal and regent of the realm. Ingram’s fate is uncertain, it is suspected he is held captive by the Alvari Empire, but it is also possible he died in the fall of the main keep.

Ingram Magnus

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