King Richard Drafus

Fun, chivalric, portly, moderately insane King of Caliban


King Drafus is the 48 year old King of Caliban. He is a big man, standing 6’2’’ tall and weighing 264 pounds. Although heavy for his height, Drafus carries his weight comfortably and instead of making him look enfeebled, he just looks jolly. Drafus wears his emotions on his face.


Drafus’s father was King Philip of Caliban, and his mother a middle class merchants wife. Since Drafus was only the Kings bastard son he had no legal claim to the throne, so instead worked towards the morse reasonable the goal of knighthood. Drafus eventually achieved this after serving as squire to the elderly Baron Crubler for several years. Upon gaining his Knighthood, Drafus set off to help those who could not help themselves, and slay the foul evils of the world. He and his half-brother Arthur traveled wide and far accomplishing great chivalric deeds, from rescuing maidens trapped within tall towers, to slaying mighty dragons. While defending a small Dwarven hall from extermination by a ruthless Red Dragon, Drafus was struck in the head and fell into a coma. When he awoke 3 months later, he was a changed man. He still embodied the knightly ideal, but became a bit dull in the head beginning to have delusions of foul dragon spawn besieging Caliban. Arthur, Drafus’s brother hid Drafus from the public eye, to ensure no one caught wind of his current condition. When King Philip died with no heir, Drafus decided that he must have the crown in order to keep Caliban safe from a cruel dragon horde. Arthur supported his brother, because Drafus did have the old kings blood in his veins. At first it seemed High-Baron Boros, King Philips cousin was going to claim the throne for himself, but thanks to a band of adventurers that rallied support for Drafus, and the Baron’s untimely demise, Drafus was crowned King.

King Richard Drafus

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