A man raised by giants, returning to his roots





Born in a small village by the hills, Kronan was barely a month old when the giants attacked. All of his family and potential friends were slain. If it wasn’t for the mercy of a wizened and aged hill giant Kronan would have been left to rot. Gieasthar became Kronan’s foster father teaching him everything from survival tactics to fighting style.

As a boy raised by giants, Kronan had to cope with bullies literally double his size. His size made him more nimble and a somewhat better hunter than the other “children” leading to envy from many of his peers. Severely beaten and hated by others Kronan soon faced fits of anger. To make up for a lack of strength he would go somewhat insane with anger punching, kicking, biting, thrashing and threatening whoever opposed him. Gieasthar encouraged this behavior. Gieasthar taught Kronan how to speak Common (he was raised to speak Giant) value of intelligence and family.

As a teen, Kronan noticed more about Gieasthar. Clearly he was the most intelligent of the tribe; he was an adviser to the cheif. He was under constant criticism by the other adults for his merciful decisions and his love of reading. Gieas would try to teach Kronan the value of reading but he would have none of it, too busy controlling his peers. Gieas was truly the odd one out of the tribe, he defended and raised a human. Some gossip said he wanted to be one and that he should be exiled or killed.

As a young man, Kronan entered battle. He joined in on the raids against anything fighting: orcs, elves, gnomes, goblins, trolls, and everything else a normal person should never see. Kronan developed a love for combat; the carnage, the rewards, the cries for mercy all empowered him. Gieas became unhealthy, he was almost 200 years old (equal to 100 for humans). Almost desperately
Gieas tried to teach Kronan all he could but Kronan was simply too distracted.

Gieasthar died in his sleep. Only Kronan wept. The chief was the only other person to pay his respects during the short burial. Everything was to change in the next few weeks: Kronan lost control of his peers, the adults shunned and hated him and the beatings began again (only Kronan would punch back this time). It was time to leave, “find your own path” Gieas would say, “I will”.

Taking a full day to prepare his things for travel Kronan would spend one last night among the giants. Awoken in the night by a rustling against his tent Kronan stepped outside to find something strange. “A Goblin???” asked Kronan as he picked up the hunched figure by the back of the neck, “you’re quite large for a goblin.” “YOU’RE TINY FOR A GIANT!” exclaimed the figure. Kronan threw the being into his tent as he lit a lamp. As light illuminated the room Kronan saw this was no goblin but another human!

With similar lives and a craving for freedom and adventure the two would carve their own paths.

Clearly they are closer than close. The first true friend Kronan ever had. Time and time again the two have saved and looked out for one another. The last few months have strained the relation as Kronan’s new divinity has allowed him to sense a demon festering within Krieg. Despite all Kronan’s efforts he cannot remove it; this hurts Kronan dearly to know he is powerless to help. When Krieg attacked Kronan the urgency within Kronan grew ten fold. At the tip of his mind is the solution for Krieg.

Upon meeting Mathias Kronan was very thrilled to meet a true holy knight (which he somewhat aspires to be). He was disappointed to see the paladin lacked the honor and magical prowess that legends spoke of. After several incidents Kronan now sees the supposed “paladin” as “just another zealot”. He will tolerate working with him until another innocent comes along where the solution will be simple: either he goes or I go.

Kronan does not remember how he met Roman, but this does not stop him from respecting him. He keeps Roman in almost as high esteem as Krieg: Roman was Kronan’s second friend. Roman’s morality and judgement has also helped Kronan to shape his own personality leading Kronan to look up to Roman somewhat.

James Hunter
Kronan has little, if any respect for Hunter. Hunter’s short temper, focus and mercilessness remind Kronan as he was when he was a young man, Kronan hates that time in his life. The words of Hunter fall on deaf ears when he tries to convince Kronan of anything, Kronan tolerates him merely for his unrelenting skill in battle.

Kronan: used to the cowardice of goblins, is very impressed with the courage in Rudolph. He welcomes Rudolph to the party with open arms!


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