Marcus Teft

Brave and boisterous Champion of Dummonia


Marcus is a large boisterous man that has the look of a brawler to him. Standing nearly 6 and a half feet tall, Marcus towers over most and stands out in a battle. Marcus wears surprisingly simple armour and garb for his rank, possibly as homage to his relatively simple beginnings. Marcus Teft is 39 years old, has dark brown hair, broad features and a face covered with stubble.


Marcus was born in the year prior to the first Dummoni-Alverni War. His father was a simple small town knight, hardly counting as nobility, and his mother was of common birth. Marcus’s father died during the war when he was little more then a babe in his mothers arms, and as a result grew up with no father figure. When Marcus was of an age, Sir. Gilbert Moore, a friend of Marcus’s father took the boy under his wing to train him as a squire so that he may one day be a knight like his father before him. Marcus grew tall and strong under the service of Sir. Moore, and on the 18th year of his birth, was presented a knighthood by the Baron Rockwell. In the years leading up to the 2nd Dummoni-Alverni War, Marcus fought alongside Sir. Moore against bandits and rival lords, and proved himself to be a capable warrior. When war once again broke out with the Alverni Empire, Moore and Teft were among the first knights to pledge themselves to the cause. At the critical battle of Bolton Ford during the 5th year of the war, Marcus Teft avenged the death of Sir. Winston Pearlman, the then Champion of the Realm, by killing the Alverni governor Julius Tribelem in single combat. King Gailan, who was present at the battle witnessed Marcus’s valor and named him the new Champion of Dummonia the night after the battle. Marcus has since served his kingdom admirably for years, and has been unflinching in his duty to the throne. Marcus lead the Dummonian force in Caelon during the invasion, but was unable to stop the massive conquering force and was taken prisoner. Marcus has since recently been freed by a small group of warriors during the Battle of Goliath River.

Marcus Teft

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