Mathias Thule

"Justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere" - 5th Canticle of Martellus Luther of the King


Paladin 5/ Grey Guard 1

Race: Human
Deity: St. Cuthbert
Size: Medium
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Height: 5’10
Weight: 170 pounds
Eyes: blue
Hair: Blonde
Skin: lightly tanned


Mathias is a man of average height with noble bearing.He has a scar along the left side of his face from a battle that had cost him the life of his best friend.


Before Mathias had learned the cost of benevolence, he served as a paladin of Pelor. This in turn affected much of his personality as he strove to embody the best ideals of his god. He was courteous, merciful, and always ready to offer anyone a second chance.

However the cost benevolence was a high one; Mathias’s last act of mercy had ended up in the betrayal of his trust, the death of his friend, and a scar along his face. Seeing the folly of benevolence he turned from the path of pelor and reswore his oaths of paladinhood to St. Cuthbert.

Now Mathias borders on the obsessive in his desire to carry out justice and retribution upon those deserving of it, though he is not incapable of seeing the big picture when necessary. He also has a slackening code of honour now that he has taken up the mantle of grey guard.


Kronin – Mathias sees Kronin as an undirected younger version of himself. Jaded by years of struggle against the forces of darkness and corruption, Mathias sees Kronin’s mercy as a naivety the party can ill afford while battling demons and their foul followers who are sure to view any weakness as a point of attack. Mathias believes that Kronin may be dependable, but his mercy makes him lack the ability to purge evil when necessary, instead letting it fester and rot where it can cause more harm.

Krieg – Krieg was at first viewed skeptically, but Mathias soon warmed up to him. He respects Krieg’s morality (for it is similar to his) and respects that he’s flexible enough to go around the law or even break it when the need arises to crush the evils in the world. Mathias believes he is a good ally to have in the times ahead.

Roman – Mathias believes Roman to be a solid upright man of his word, though sometimes he feels he’s a little too emotionally driven (as the case with the dwarf rescue).

Rudolph – Mathias views Rudolph as being insanely reckless, and because of that is deemed as an untrustworty companion.

James Hunter – He shares Krieg’s opinion of James, He respects his fighting ability, but doesn’t trust him as a person.

Ezekiel – From what he has heard Ezekiel sounds like a brave and noble warrior. He is honoured to wear his armour and continue his fight. However he is a little skeptical due to Krieg’s unabashed declarations of his greatness.

Peaches – He seems like someone who finally overstepped his bounds. Not much else to be said about him.


Raised among Paladins of Pelor, Mathias was one of many orphans that were created in the wars. Learning the sword and the faith, Mathias burned with the need to right the wrongs of the world. Unfortunately the world was not so kind. Having lost his mentor in a vicious rescue attempt of a caravan,Mathias only had one person to fall back upon, his mentor’s one other pupil, and his best friend Ezariah.

Together they journeyed for many years, slaying trolls, and aiding the needy however it would be an encounter with a simple band of brigands that would change his life forever. Having hear the pleas from a village about maurading brigands, Mathias and Ezariah had finally tracked them to their lair. There they descended down upon them like fiery thunderbolts from Pelor himself. Eventualy the leader was the only one left. Having surrendered both paladins were entitled to respect the laws and bring him in to be judged by the local magistrate. However they relaxed too early, as the brigand had a hidden knife. Gashing open Ezariah’s throat the brigand charged at Mathias. Howling with rage and grief the brigand was hacked down brutally. Grabbing his comrade Mathias quickly ran to the village in a vain attempt to save his friend’s life, only to find that the village was now under seige by goblins!

Quickly taking charge of the seige; the defenders attempted to hold the village. Volleys of arrows thudded endlessly into goblin bodies but still they attempted to battle down the walls. The first day of fighting saw heavy losses on both sides, but it wasn’t until the sun fell that the trickery of the goblins was revealed. With darkness shrouding them they unleashed a massive goblin that, like a living battering ram smashed through the town gates. The town fell soon afterwards.

Mathias finally meets the party in their rescue attempt and for their kindness swore to journey with them and aid them in their troubles. His recent battle with the foul demon worshippers however has planted the seed of hubris within him, for perhaps one must go above the sanction fo the paladin and use the weapons of the great enemy against themselves…

Pondering these potentially damning thoughts he’s continued aiding the party whereever he could, from smiting undead abominations to healing the injured, he sees himself as a courageous and stalwart companion.However their adventure in the underdark has been a trying time for him. First upon aiding a few deep gnomes he fell into a heated debate about morality with Kronin who claimed that the sea witch was now an “innocent” because she surredered despite clearly raidating evil. Kronin wished to merely intimidate the sea witch and leave her be, while Mathias wanted to execute the prisoner, for crimes against the Underdark. Pressed for time and injured heavily Mathias decided to acede to Kronin’s wishes hoping that he may be able to better educate him at a later point.

Perhaps the most trying time for Mathias was during a slave rescue in which Krieg kept pressing the issue to save some dwarves. Refusing for he did not wish any of the dark elves to escape, Mathias was clearly hesitant to rescue any dwarves. To him relaying and scouting out the information to prevent a possible demonic incursion was far more important than the lives of a few dwarves and he was ready to sacrifice accordingly. Somehow to his utter bewilderment Krieg convinced the entire party to march out and take on those dark elves purely by example alone. Sighing Mathias hesitantly followed. When the rescue attempt was successful beyond all imagining did Mathias have to face his own hesitance.

“You… you’re not a hero…” Krieg whispered as he stepped closer to Mathias, obviously making him uncomfortable.

“You’re a monster.”

Mathias Thule

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