Red Krieg

The resourceful, tough-as-nails and quick-tempered renegade... with a heart of gold.


Rogue 5/ Fighter 1
Race: Human
Deity: Pelor
Size: Medium
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Height: 5’ 6
Weight: 155 pounds
Eyes: Black
Hair: Red
Skin: Sickly Pale


Krieg is a short, wiry man with brilliant red hair. He has deep-set baggy eyes from sleepless nights, and is mildly scarred facially from years of fighting on the streets. His posture and gait are unusual for a human, as his lifestyle with the Goblins meant a greater need for stealth. His eyes are also always shifting, and he rarely focuses on one thing at a time.


Krieg is extraordinarily stubborn. In his youth and early adulthood, this manifested in an insatiable thirst for vengeance. He was known to actively seek out and mock opponents that have crossed him.

Over time he changed to a more caring attitude, but still struggles to control his inhibitions. Krieg also has a malicious sense of humour, taken from his Goblin bretheren, though he usually shows this in harmless acts (such as hiding turds in unfortunate places).

Beyond his incredible immaturity, he is a staunchly loyal companion, and famously cosigned the Oath of Ezekiel (formerly the Oath of Heroes).

Krieg is also shamelessly emotional. He will essentially commit an act of violence or show of mercy depending on how his day as been.

This is a result of extreme insecurity and an inferiority complex however… the life of an outsider and reject left him unsure of himself. This is the reason why he acts so over the top and bombastic; to hide his true personality. In tests of heart and faith he isn’t the most reliable…


Kronin – He trusts Kronin more than any other. They’ve formed a decade-long bond that makes them a deadly duo, and they would be more than willing to risk their lives of the sake of each other. Together… their willpower and heart is second to none. In their early years together, Kronin served as the conscience between the two, much to the chagrin of a young and brash Krieg.

Roman – Krieg is very close to Roman, and has an incredible amount of faith in his conscience and reliability. He is, however, not avert to playing pranks on him… as evidenced by the annoyance Roman occasionally displays.

Peaches – To him, Peaches is a fun gnome who knows how to party and keep everyone’s faith strong. He does however, think Peaches is arrogant and foolish.

James Hunter – He has a high amount of faith in his ability to fight, but he knows his morality is somewhat lacking. During the battle with the Drow, J.H. proved his loyalty, and Krieg holds great respect for his commitment to the team. At this point, Krieg sees a lovable eccentric.

Ezekiel – Initially, Krieg had immense disdain for Ezekiel. He thought his commanding presence and force of personality was incredibly annoying, and he pulled pranks on him often. After his death, Krieg holds Ezekiel in incredible regard for his heroism, bravery and heart.

Rudolph – Krieg thinks he is the bravest little bastard around, which Krieg both respects and aspires for. Rudolph’s unabashed loyalty for his newfound friends makes Krieg wonder if he should learn by his example.

Mathias – When first meeting Mathias, Krieg was awestruck. He was inspired by his uncompromising nature to vanquish evil… though Krieg deep down was jealous of him. This was quickly turned on it’s head when Mathias revealed his monstrous lack of empathy. Krieg does, however, view Mathias as always doing what is necessary to complete the task at hand.


He was abandoned, simple as that. His family, disturbed by his murmurings of the dark tongue before he could even speak, left him in the street without hesitation. They were sure he was destined to bring some great evil upon the land… and who could blame them?

What they did not count, however, was the force inside him to guide him along the route of evil… and he began to steal, rob, and brutalize before the age of 7.

Borderline feral, the young Krieg was amoral and violent. He possessed such a mean-streak that no one would take him in, and coupled the guidance of an evil presence known as Mammon… Krieg became exceptionally brutal and vengeful. If he were ever wronged in the slightest, it was not above him to sneak into someone’s room at night and slip a dagger between their ribs.

At age 10 he eventually found himself wandering into the subterranean complex of the Goblins. Although rejected (and attacked) at first, the Goblins came to respect his toughness and brutality.

Overtime he eventually joined them officially, attaining the rank of “Man-Gob” and receiving the name “Red” (as Krieg apparently had “too many letters”). Krieg appreciated his Goblin-kin far more than mankind, which suited his lifestyle and personality. He spent his youth frolicking with the Goblins and was happy. The Goblins, however, had one mortal enemy… the Hill Giants.

Many years ago, so Goblin legend states, a Gobbo of Krieg’s tribe gallantly seduced the wife of the Hill Giant’s chieftain. The wife rode off with this noble Gobbo into the sunset, leaving the Chieftain without his queen. The Hill Giant’s version of the story, however, is the Gobbo simply snuck into the Chieftain’s tent at night and coped a feel of the sleeping Giantess. Whatever the case, there is immense hatred between the two societies.

Over time, tensions rose to where a war was unavoidable. And by “war”, Goblins mean “ridiculously vandalize and spread feces all over”. Krieg, of course, was delighted by this prospect, and volunteered to spearhead the “mission”.

About 40 minutes into the assault, Krieg was stopped by an immense figure… impossibly enough, another human. Although initially hostile, Krieg soon found himself at ease. He introduced himself as Kronin. He, like Krieg, joined another race when no one else would accept him. Krieg simply could not deface the tent of someone who, for the first time, was exactly like him. Mutual outcasts, Krieg and Kronin decidedly near-instantaneously that they were heterosexual lifemates.

Together they abandoned their races, and went on an awe-inspiring rampage of murder, destruction, theft and insanity throughout the land. The madness winded down however… Krieg slowly lost contact with the malevolent force sealed in his mind and Kronin eventually found faith in Kord, the benevolent god of war.

Attracted to the free-spirited lifestyle, other similarly-minded adventurers joined their ridiculous journeys. Now travelling with friends, Krieg slowly appreciated the fact that companionship should guide a way of life rather than destruction. In fact… he valued these brave heroes even more than the Gobbos of past.

During a terrifying battle with the Bearmen, Kronin fell to their Were-Bear leader. Kronin was Krieg’s only real reason for good and sanity… and Krieg for the first time acted totally selfless. He charged through sword, shield and claw, absorbing attack after attack before finally challenging his brother’s murderer to a duel. Krieg brutalized the bestial behemoth in his usual fashion, cantaloping him as he did so.

Blood-soaked and badly injured, Krieg stumbled towards his dying brother, kneeled beside him… humbled for the first time in his life. Kronin raised his hand and told his brother, “Deep down… you are a good man,” before passing away. His allies clamoured to see their fallen friend but not before Krieg had his say.

He shakingly clutched the symbol of Pelor he had previously attained, and belted at the top of his lungs:

“By the gods, anyone but him! ANYONE! He was a hero… unlike me!!! It should have been me… NOT HIM!!”

He slowly turned to the symbol… and for the first time ever, prayed:

“Pelor… I wish… he could still stand by our side…”

At that moment, Pelor listened. He pondered. And he granted.

Krieg had seen the might of Pelor and his benevolence, and that he must pay him back… somehow.

During another battle to save a comrade, Krieg once again was heart-wrenched as his ally, Ezekiel, gave his life to save him. Krieg had been pushed past the threshold; he then knew no matter what evil stands in the world, he must repay his debt for the greater good of mankind.

When trapped in the heart of the Underdark, Krieg and his companions encountered a trove of enslaved Dwarves… none of whom the party felt entitled to help.

Mathias, their newfound companion and Paladin claimed that nothing could be done without compromising their task at hand.

James Hunter, another friend with a similar view, reprimanded Krieg. “Don’t be stupid. When has helping someone been beneficial?”

Even Kronin, the man he respected most, was unsure if this was a good idea.

Krieg bowed his head in conflict. What is the true measure of a man if he is not willing to risk himself for others? After all, without a heart of compassion are we not more than beasts? Krieg’s eyes met Roman’s and, without saying a word, raised their weapons. Kronin relented last minute, and aided their charge. The Dwarves’ freedom was realized….

Moments after the battle, he glared at the party and spoke aloud, “If I was the way I was… the killer I was… their blood would have been on our hands.”

He turned toward the Paladin, the most disappointed in him. For a short time, Krieg hoped he could be like him… A White Knight is supposed to be a symbol of heroism and good… Not a compromising and utilitarian lawman.

“You… you’re not a hero…” He stepped closer to Mathias, obviously making him uncomfortable.

“You’re a monster.”

Completely overwhelmed with emotion, Krieg made an frustrated grimace and walked away. How many people have died because of simply being “out of the way”…? Without benevolence, he thought, we are doomed to a world of solemnity and heartlessness.

Red Krieg

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