Sir. William Lawford

The arrogant, quick tempered, champion of the Kingdom of Caliban


William is tall (though a good amount shorter then Kronin), has mid length reddish brown hair, and a short well trimmed beard. His tabard bears the crest of his house, 2 crimson stags on a golden backdrop. William is 26 years old.

-Elaborate Great-Sword, symbol of his office (which is Champion of the Realm)
-Well crafted Breastplate
-A damn fine cloak
-A large well trained destrier


William was born to mid-ranked noble parents. His father was a noble of Dummonia and his mother a lady from Caliban. At age 11, Williams father was killed by a rival, and his mother and he fled to Caliban. Age 17 William became good friends with an exiled noble from Kernow, Charles Ussus. William accompanied Charles in his pursuit to ensure the rights of the common citizen from abuse from the ruling classes. Age 23 William and his uncle return to Dummonia to exact revenge against the man who killed his father, uncle dies in process but William achieves his goal. Word of William’s exploits reaches the ears of High-Baron Boros, who takes William in as a Vassal. William climbs in rank quickly under Boros and becomes his right hand man. Age 26, William gets word from his good friend Charles that some vagabonds murdered his comrades and he requires aid. William makes leave of Caliban to meet with Charles.

Sir. William Lawford

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