Session #6
Death of a Hero

Party returns from behind the enemy battle line. Both armies are called back from the front for reasons unbeknownst to the party. Our heroes proceed to the Caliban command tent to investigate. There a messenger from the south, Vanessa Chandelerio (…great name guys…), is briefing King Drafus, his brother Arthur, and the other high lords of Caliban on events that transpired there (origin of that big “BOOM”). She warns that a terrible threat is brewing in the south, and this petty war in the north must come to an end. Arthur argues that it is folly to heed the word of but a single messenger, and urges the King to send scouts south to investigate for themselves before they commit. Drafus agrees with his half-brother to the dismay of Vanessa. Drafus orders the party to move south as fast as they can and report back what they have learned. Party agree’s under the condition Drafus send another doctor with them to tend to any wounds that may befall them, he agrees and sends Red Shirt, a cowardly unworldly youth, with them (yes there are 2 James’s in the party now).

Party goes to the near-by city for one night of relaxation before the journey south. Krieg, Kronin, and Ezekiel all go pray to their respective gods, while Roman goes with Peaches to a bar. At the bar peaches meets some gnomes, and is invited to a tap dancing competition. When Roman asks if he can come, the gnomes say “Gnomes only, fag-balls” and walk out. The gnomes lead Peaches down an alley, where at the end peaches is confronted with a locked door. When Peaches turns around to inquire how they enter, the gnomes pull out metal pipes and beat Peaches to a bloody pulp.

Peaches wakes up some 45 minutes later in a small wood cabin. There he see’s the gnomes arguing over payment with some knights. William Lawford appears and orders the Knights to kill the ungrateful gnomes. William then proceeds to take great pleasure in torturing little peaches. Peaches loses many teeth, has his hands broken, his knee’s and his fingers smashed. After William is done, he orders his men to take Peaces to the nearby river, and skin him so it looks as though the Blood Shields did it. Peaches sends a message spell to Krieg begging for help.

At the river, the commander of the knights pulls out a rusty knife, and just as he is about to cut into Peaches flesh, the Party comes charging over a nearby hill. The knight kicks peaches into the fast flowing river and prepares for a fight. A bloody battle ensues, Ezekiel and Krieg fight the 4 knights while Kronin and Roman attempt to save Peaches. Kronin saves Peaches (and Roman), but as he climbs back onto the bank, he see’s Ezekiel crumpled on the ground, and Krieg being bested by the Knight-Commander, who it is now revealed is Sir. Simon. Kriegs sword is battered away from his guard leaving him open to a fatal strike, but before it lands, Ezekiel forces himself to his feet and leaps in the way, sacrificing his own life to save Kriegs. Kronin charges in a fanatical rage and impales Simon with his great sword, Krieg pulls the knights head back and severs his throat.

Krieg carry’s Ezekiel’s broken body back into the the city, calling out for justice against William Lawford. William, seeing that the party knows of his involvement quickly gathers his things, meets with Charlie and heads south before he is killed.

The party performs a “viking funeral” for Ezekiel that is attended by many high ranking members of the Caliban court, including mad King Drafus.

Party spends a week to recover, during which time Peaches receives word that his father’s health is worsening, and he must return home to manage his family’s merchant empire. Peaches sends for Rudolf, a mighty Gnomish warrior whose family is indebted to Peaches, to replace him on the Party’s critical journey south. Before they set out, they hear from Drafus that the great Charlie has also agreed to learn what he can about the strange events occurring in the southern badlands.

On the road south, the party encounters a familiar path of destruction sprinkled with the petals of daisy’s. They follow the path to a village occupied by a Goblin host. The party stealthily rescues 20 prisoners, among whom is a Paladin who vows to repay the party by aiding them in their quest. Rudolf then learns from a Goblin captive that they intend to feed a maiden to “the big one i like to call Joey” and goes in solo to rescue her. (NO, IM BUSY!)

Party also rescues a town from a demonic presence, but are viewed with suspicions by the inhabitants because many town guards die in the process and the mayor is killed by the party for supposedly being possessed. (he was, but the people of the town don’t know the details)

Party continues south where they encounter strange warnings in the mountains (consisting of heads on pikes and the like) that seem to be outlining a border of some sort. The party ignores these warnings and continues on, but sees large figures following them in the distance, accompanied by the beat of a large drum. As night draws close the party heads to a small cave to set up a defensive position. As the sun dips beneath the horizon, the Ogres attack. The Party is forced to the back of the cave, where Kronin grabs his sledge hammer and begins smashing a crack in the cave wall. Roman is knocked unconscious in the fighting. Kronin breaks the wall and the party runs through. Kronin then closes the tunnel entrance with rubble by breaking a load bearing natural stone pillar. Party then begins a long decent downwards into a dark cavern system. After many many hours of following the dark treacherous tunnel down, it opens up. Rudolf summons some dancing lights to reveal an absolutely massive cave complex. Welcome to the Underdark.


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