Current Date: 1450 AA (Important dates will be bold)

1450-Death of King Philip of Caliban/Coronation of King Richard

1450-Invasion of Caelon by combined Alvari Empire, Kernow, Blood Shield Army. Triggering what looks like a 3rd Dummoni-Alverni War.

1449-Band of gnomish troubadours do war with one of the mightiest Daisatic goblin tribes and win.

1448-Republic of Gwent sends expeditionary army to Dalin Imperium. Essentially a government funded looting force.

1441-New Dwarven Hall breaks surface in the small independent republic of Colith. The Dwarves pledge support to the fledgling nation, giving it a significant edge over it’s warmongering neighbors.

1432-1439-2nd Dummoni-Alverni War. War ends in essential stalemate, both sides claim victory. Aftermath leads to an essential cold war between the two powers. Seveeral proxy wars occur during the period after the war to the present.

1429-Alverni POW’s are freed in return for 14 Dummonian nobles taken captive during the war.

1412-1414-1st Dummoni-Alverni War. Dummonian victory, all land possessions the Alverni Empire once held on the Arcan mainland are seized by Dummonia, and redistributed to the nearby states. Entire Alverni army is destroyed, all soldiers killed or taken prisoner.

1386-1406-6th Dalin War. The most recent and bloodiest of the Dalin Wars. Dalin Imperium spent 100 years reorganizing itself after a series of loses, and mustered an army numbering near 1 million troops. Dummonia and the Alverni Empire are unable to halt its advance. For years the Dalin army conquers much of Arcas, but eventually collapses under its own weight due to lack of food. The army starves and is eventually vanquished. Dummonian soldiers cross the channel back into Arcas and reduce the Dalin Imperium to its smallest size since its arrival over 300 years ago.

1335-2nd wave of Dwarven halls emerge. Dwarves begin to take part actively in human politics, and open large trade networks.

1302-1309-War of the Stunties. Halflings are driven to extinction.

1299-First wave of Dwarven halls break the surface of Arcas and come into contact with humanity.

1296-Unification of Karimdor

1284-1286-5th Dalin War. Instigated by Dummonia and the Alverni Empire. A broken Dalin Imperium is unable to muster an army large enough to hold all its territory. More of the south is liberated by the Dummonian-Alverni alliance.

1218-1234-4th Dalin War. Dalin Imperium expands exponentially, but is forced to pull forces back when the homeland across the Desert falls. Dummonia and Alverni Empire are able to liberate large parts of the south.

1101-1112-3rd Dalin War. Ends in stalemate.

1088-1091-2nd Dalin War. Ends in stalemate.

1071-Fall of the Brathel Empire. Though throughout its existence, the people of Arcas hated the Brathel Empire for once reigning over them with an iron fist, none deny that it’s final stand against the Dalin Imperium was not a noble end.

1070-1072-Dalin Empire spreads across Great Desert into Arcas. First Dalin War begins. The Dalin Imperium takes most of southern Arcas, and is eventually halted by a combined Dummonian-Alverni army on its northward march. Uneasy truce is made.

1049-Dummonia restricts the power of the monarch.

819-839-Alfred Cairn names himself the “Bull of the North” and vows vengeance against the ‘allies’ that betrayed his kingdom. Cairn’s army is to small to invade all northern Arcas, but loots and plunders for 20 years until he is finally felled by a javelin through the heart at age 57.

1816-King Renald Cairn dies from wounds sustained in the last days of fighting with Llyn, his son Alfred Cairn succeeds to the throne.

814-816-Gwent, Kernow, Caliban and Arithai go to war with Llyn after Prince Yarrin of Llyn killed Prince Hoffman of Caliban and Duke Riter of Kernow in a drunken stupor. A year into the war, Gwent, Kernow, and Caliban make seperate peaces with Llyn, leaving Arithai to fight alone. Arithai leads a massive offensive that wins them the war, but at a terrible cost.

716-718-Unification of the 7 Kingdoms of Dummonia into a single state.

400-700-Height of the Brathel Empire. Brathel Empire remains a power after this period, but slowly weakens and weakens over time until it is finally completely annihilated by the Dalin Imperium in 1071.

118-334- Great War of the Faiths. After the Euor threat was extinguished, and the nations of Arcas were given liberty, strife arose once again due to the fact after Anorra, there were now 2 large religions in the land with radically different views. A great war that lasted over 200 years broke out between the old polytheists and the new followers of the Patriarch. The final outcome was that the Polytheists were forced to recognize the new faith, and the Monotheists were forced to lend aid to the defense of the Kar’Nak wall and the Fortress of the 9 Pillars.

32-36-Anorran Empire continues under the leadership of Arren, sister of Anorra, and General Gordon Kriden. Hector, jealous that Anorra appointed Gordon to rule along with Arren on her deathbed, raises an army loyal to him, he marches on the capital, kills Gordon in single combat, and rapes and murders Arren. Hector then demands the people of the Empire now follow him, and crowns himself emperor. The people for obvious reasons refuse and rise in rebellion. Hector flee’s to the Southern Badlands, never to be seen again. The Empire splinters into roughly the current system of states.

1-32-Life of Anorra. Creation of the Patriarch’s faith, the religion spreads far and wide. Under Anorra a great empire is founded and flourishes. Anorra leads a campaign against the Euor and pushes them back to the South Lands. Anorra however dies from an Arrow during the last battle with the Euor.

154BA-21AA-Euor ships sail past the Great Seawall, conquer most of Arcas. Land is thrown into darkness before Anorra rises and destroy’s them. Many think the Euor are in some way connected to Belial.

apprx 1900BA-Belial and his sister Abdiel (The Children of Fear and Malice) are exiled from hell itself and forced onto the material plane. Belial lands in Kar’Nak (Southern Badlands) in the form of a massive meteor. A great war ensues between all mortal races and Belial’s legions. After years of conflict Belial is slain (in modern LLyn) by the hero Arthur of Kernow (Arthur dies of his wounds) and Belial’s vile forces are pushed back into Kar’Nak (Southern Badlands). After Belial was slain, a great fortress temple was built over his corpse (the Fortress of the 9 Pillars) to ensure his vile spirit never returned to his body, and a massive wall was built to separate Kar’Nak (the Southern Badlands) from the rest of Arcas.

5000 BA-Humans come north from the South Lands to Arcas, and take it from its elven inhabitants.


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